Trash & Recycling Collection Regulations and Information

The City provides trash and recyclable collection to all single-family residences and duplexes each Wednesday. The trash cans and recycling bin must be out for collection no later than 7 a.m. on Wednesday. If a holiday falls on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, the trash and recycling pickup will be pushed back to Thursday of that week. 

You must provide your own trash cans (up to three 45-gallon cans allowed), but the City provides a 32-gallon blue recycling bin to each residence on the City’s residential trash collection list. The recycling bins must only be used for items to be recycled, and the recycling bins remain the property of the City. (They should not be taken with you if you move.) Recycling items should be placed loosely in the bin and not be bagged. Glass may not be placed in the recycling bins. Trash (including glass) must be placed in plastic trash bags, tied shut, and deposited in resident-provided lidded metal, plastic or fiberglass trash receptacles with a capacity of 45 gallons or less (up to three trash cans allowed). Any trash not placed in bags and deposited in lidded trash cans may not be collected, per Red River Waste Solutions.

Trash and recycling receptacles may be left at the street or at your back door (if plainly visible and accessible to Red River’s employees). They should not be left behind locked gates, inside enclosures or in areas where pets are present on collection days. Be sure to put the trash and recycling receptacles out no later than 7 a.m. on collection days.

Items that will not be picked up in regular trash or recycling include yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, potting soil, etc.) and electronic waste (computers, televisions, cell phones, monitors, microwaves, etc.). Cardboard may only be placed inside recycling bins or (broken -down) next to the recycling bin for collection--not put in with the trash, unless it contained food like pizza or other take-out food because that cardboard could be put in the trash containers after being bagged and closed. Glass may be placed in a closed-up trash bag inside trash cans for collection--but not in the recycling bin or put loosely in the trash cans. Recycling items (paper, plastic, recyclable metal, and cardboard) may be mixed together and placed loosely (not in bags) inside the recycling bins.

If you have large items for pickup, please call City Hall (615/292-5531) by the Friday prior to the regular Wednesday pickup date to request a bulk pickup. We will need to know which items you have for the bulk pickup, as well as your address and contact information, in order to notify Red River to schedule the bulk items pickup. Please note: They cannot pick up any electronic waste (computers, televisions, microwaves, cell phones, monitors, etc.) or anything with hazardous materials (like a refrigerator with freon still inside). 

If you do not want a recycling bin or if you’re leaving the City and no one is moving into your residence right away, please call City Hall at 615/292-5531 to ask us to pick up your recycling bin. 

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