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Posted on: November 21, 2016

Berry Hill Winners in BEST OF NASHVILLE poll


“BEST OF NASHVILLE 2016” as polled by the Nashville Scene

Best Beer Selection--#3--Craft Brewed

Best Burrito--#1--Baja Burrito

Best Cheap Eats--#2—Calypso Café

Best Craft Beer Retailer--#1—Craft Brewed

Best Juice Bar--#2—Juice Bar

Best Place to Get a Growler Filled--#2—Craft Brewed

Best Cocktail, as voted by Nashville Scene staff—“Mango Unchained” at Sinema

Best Sushi Bar/Japanese Restaurant--#2—Koi Sushi & Thai

Best Vegetarian Menu--#2—Sunflower Café

Best Vietnamese Restaurant--#1—Vui’s Kitchen

Best Vietnamese, as voted by Nashville Scene staff—Vui’s Kitchen

Best Couple Date Night, as voted by Nashville Scene staff—The Green Room at Sinema

Best Brunch, as voted by Nashville Scene staff—Monell’s

Best Restaurant Real Estate Geniuses, as voted by Nashville Scene staff—Fresh Hospitality, which partnered with Vui’s Kitchen

Best Market for Eastern European Goods, as voted by Nashville Scene staff—Aleksey’s

Best Clothing Consignment Store--#2—Designer Renaissance; --#3—Goodwill                                     

Best Group Exercise that Doesn’t Involve Trust Falls, as voted by Nashville Scene staff—The Escape Game

Best Current Metro Council Member--#2—Colby Sledge

Best Place to Play Pool--#1—Melrose Billiards

Best Bank--#1 Regions; --#2—Pinnacle; --#3--SunTrust

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