Public Hearing Notices

JUNE 2019

The following public hearings will be held at Berry Hill City Hall, 698 Thompson Lane, Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday, June 3rd, 2019:

1. At 6:00 pm, the City of Berry Hill Board of Zoning Appeals will conduct a public hearing on a Variance Application for 2726 Larmon Avenue, filed by Catherine V. Quinn, owner. The requested variance is to allow retention of existing parking in front of the principal structure, after the size of the structure is increased by more than 50%.  Download Variance Application.

2. At 6:15 pm, the Berry Hill Zoning and Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on a Concept Plan and proposed Alternative Plan not qualifying for variance or special exception, for property located at 2695 Fessey Court, filed by Brad Jones, owner. The Alternative Plan seeks to reduce the 75% minimum building frontage requirement to allow a 24-foot drive aisle.  Download Concept PlanDownload Alternative Plan Application.

On Monday, June 10th, 2019, at 7:00 pm, the Berry Hill Board of Commissioners will conduct second readings of, public hearings on, and votes on adoption of, the following Ordinances:

1. Ordinance No. 2019-446, amending Ordinance No. 2018-439, the Municipal Budget Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2019. Download Ordinance;

2. Ordinance No. 2019-447, adopting a Municipal Budget for Fiscal Year 2020.  Download Ordinance;

3. Ordinance No. 2019-448, modifying court costs for Berry Hill City Court.  Download Ordinance; and

4. Ordinance No. 2019-449, amending the City of Berry Hill Stormwater Ordinance.  Download Ordinance.